One & Zero Films

Ones and zero.

On and off.

A concept that built a revolution - the digital revolution.

Ones and zeros make your computer work, your phone, your car, your home… they enable you to see this, to see whatever you can imagine.

They enable you to carry a film in your pocket, to watch it anywhere… they can put you in the film.

For many years I shot those films on 35mm negative, but then the ones and zeros offered a faster, leaner way and it was time to change. It took a while, but when the cameras and the codecs for digital filmmaking started to get good enough I decided to set up One & Zero Films. Our ethos is simple: from concept to finished edit, 35mm production values in a digital environment.


Take a look at some of the work we've done...


Biosphere – live performance 7’29”

This is an extract from a performance at Touch Record’s 25th anniversary gig. It was a challenge as Biosphere (the recording name of Geir Jenssen) performs from a lap top, so there was not a lot going on visually. To beef up the visuals we took inspiration from the ethereal quality of the music he produced to generate a series of effects added in post production.


FUq - drama 15’06”

A short film made for Filmmaker Inc - a dystopian future where we can choose how long we live.


A Better Answer, Stephen Dale Petit – promo 2’58”

Made for 333 Records, this promo features lip-sync performance by the artist in central London plus a huge amount of found footage, lots of hours in the edit suite… WARNING adult content.


Murcof – documentary 4’02”

Murcof is the performing and recording name of Mexican electronica artist Fernando Corona. This clip is from a series of films made for Contemporary Music Productions, the brief being to get behind how electronica artists work.


The First Day – drama 3’00”

A short film commissioned by Filmmaker Inc. The story of how easy it is to try too hard…


Luke Terry Associates – commercial 5’04”

This was a ‘work as directed’ project, where we supplied DoP and edit services. Don’t worry, it never made much sense to us either.


Dolls – documentary 2’15”

An extract from a 44 minute made for TV documentary, it’s old but we included it here because we wrote the theme and we still love it.


Novo, Steve Sumo – promo 1’49”

A promo for Virgin Records artist Steve Sumo. Again a track firmly rooted in the electronica genre with a one word brief: underwater.


Anthem – The Wildhearts 2’36”

A classic performance promo shot on a white cyc for Mushroom Records



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